A holistic way to improving your health.

Learn to dance with your own body's energies!
My name is Lynn Geertsen-Rowe, and I am a Licensed and Certified Practitioner in various forms of Energetic work. Sessions are planned individually and tailored to your specific needs.

Eden Energy Medicine optimizes self-healing, the body's natural capacity for health and well-being. Energy influences our thoughts, emotions and lives. Learn about this continuous dance with your own energies.


Kinesiology is the study of movement and includes Touch For Health, Brain Gym and Hyperton-X:


  • Touch For Health – focuses on balancing the entire system.

  • Brain Gym – a system to help stimulate the brain and enhance learning and                      health.

  • Hyperton-X – this muscle release technique helps to release muscle tension,                     strengthen weak and painful muscles and increase flexibility.


Continuum Wellsprings/ Continuum Movement, Inc. works with the fluids and tissues of the body using breath and sound resonance to create more fluid and vital pathways for movement in the body.




  • Classic Massage is a muscle-based massage releasing blockages and tension within the body structure. It focuses on the physiology of the muscular-skeletal system and is a firm oil-based massage.

  • Energy Massage involves working with basic energy systems to help activate a better flow throughout the body to help clear blockages and balance body, mind and spirit. Gentle stretching and firm pressure helps the body to release toxins and calm the central nervous system.


Body Work helps to create a physical and intuitive understanding of our bodies. It helps to let go of patterns and become more aware of breath and balance. 


  • Yoga Body Work

  • Dance Body Work


For more information on each of these visit their own pages on this website.

"Learn to dance with your own body's energies!"