About me

Lynn Geertsen-Rowe, BA
International Diploma of Professional Kinesiology
Certified Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner
Certified Continuum Wellsprings Practitioner
Certified Continuum Movement, Inc. Practitioner
Certified/Diploma Yoga Instructor
Holistic Dance and Movement Pedagogue/Practitioner
Diploma Wellness and Sport Massage

I am an experienced International Certified Practitioner of Energetic Body Work.

I have been working with energy techniques in groups as well as one-on-one for more than 30 years. In the last ten years I have expanded my work to include more single client-oriented energy work. These sessions are planned according to each individual, and the above techniques can be combined or used separately. 


My work as a dance and yoga teacher, sport instructor, personal trainer and masseuse has helped me to further develop my interest and studies in different energy techniques and practices that allow each individual to learn how to work with their own energies for self-healing. Throughout my life I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge by teaching various groups and individuals. My goal is to expand and combine these practices so they will reach those who are interested far and wide, internationally!


My Praxis/Office is in Altlengbach. Advance appointments are indispensable.

Under special circumstances appointments can be made in private residences.

Available every Tuesday at the UN/Vienna International Center for appointments.