Body Work

Body Work creates a physical and intuitive understanding of our anatomy, the connections between the skeleton, muscles, organs and connective tissue or fascia. Different forms of Body Work allow us to let go of patterns and move us into differentiated body awareness.


  • Yoga Body Work uses the breath to create strength and flexibility in the body. It is a combination of meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), stretching exercises and asanas (positions) to create strength and extension, awareness of the body and balance. Emphasis is placed on the spine and the core, the physical and energetic center of our body. The core can also mean the core tissues like bones, organs or cells. When the spine and core are healthy and strong and energy is flowing throughout the body, the organs, muscles, bones and cells are also energized, and there is a feeling of balance in body, mind and spirit.

  • Dance Body Work – This is an expressive work done by sounding, moving, playing and meeting yourself in a safe and sacred space with or without music and finding your True Inner You. The work is done through moving and dancing or lying still, accepting yourself as you are so you can recognize your self-worth and support your potential to develop your dreams. Through touch, imagery and movement patterns we explore and experience the inner structures. Breath work deepens the body consciousness and sensitivity.

"Develop awareness through posture, breath and motion."