Brain Gym®

Brain Gym® is a method that uses simple movements to stimulate brain function. It consists of 26 physical movements that enhance learning and physical and emotional performance for adults and children. This is important in school, work, sport, all relationships, and in all walks of life.


In nature, the brain’s neural pathways and connections are developed through movement. Brain Gym® works by stimulating the flow of information within the brain and sensory system freeing the ability to learn and function at top efficiency.


It is an innovative new approach to learning that was developed by specialists who focused on physical movements that helped to enhance personal development and learning abilities. It helps flexibility and coordination and facilitates brain function for physical skills as well as social and emotional development.


Brain Gym® is a fun way to improve the brain activity and generally improve your health and wellbeing!

"Innovative and fun way to improve brain activity as well as general health"