Continuum Wellsprings / Continuum Movement, Inc.

Continuum Wellsprings/ Continuum Movement, Inc. concentrates on the movement and the shaping of the tissue structure of the body as well as the respiration of the client. Observation of these breathing patterns helps the client by coaching them with the development of their breath and sound with movement protocols. This encourages the client to access their own healing experience. The common one-on-one sessions can also be combined with other techniques.


Since our biological processes owe their beginnings to the movement of water, and our bodies are made up of at least 75% water, our cells and memories lie in the undulation and circulating nourishment within. The fluid presence in our bodies is our fundamental environment and sound resonates through this water.  Work is done with the resonance of sound in body fluids to create a more fluid and vital pathway for the movement of the body. We are made to move and sound is made to be heard. Together these qualities are found to be amazingly healing and calming for the human body and mind experience.  

"We are made to move and sound is made to be heard."

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