Holistic Dance

What is Holistic Dance?

This is a way of experiencing movement or dance from your own creative and inner impulses. Working with your body creates a physical and intuitive understanding of your anatomy, the connection between the skeleton, muscles and connective tissue; it allows us to let go of patterns we continue to stay in and moves us into differentiated body awareness. In this class you will ride the waves of your own expression and creativity with technical guidance and some influence of music that allows you to awaken the inner YOU.


Holistic Dance also involves Authentic Movement and Contact Improvisation as well in a self-healing process:


Authentic Movement is moving to the rhythm of your body with your eyes closed and having a witness to describe your movement and how it makes them feel and come into contact with your inner fluid and creative vitality.


Contact Improvisation is about contact with others and sharing the energies of others. In our world there is not enough touch, perception or sensitivity to other human beings and the nature around us. This is where the holistic healing can take place!


"Dancing is expressing yourself, moving, sounding, playing, meeting yourself and others in a safe and sacred space, being the way you are." There are many self-healing benefits of expression in movement, touch and interaction. Through dance or movement, conscious movement and expression we enter a space where we allow ourselves "to be the way we are right now". Needs, wishes, fears, desires and dreams can dance their way to the surface in a safe environment. Without judgment or analysis we can experience ourselves in a new way.

This is a body movement meditation that will allow you to live from the depths of your heart and find your unique contributions in life. Throughout history movement, song and dance have always played an important part in celebration and healing. Begin NOW to experience the joy of creativity in motion.

  "Everyone can Move and Everyone can Dance!"