Eden Energy Medicine

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) can influence the positive flow of energy in the body. It combines Eastern spiritual and medicinal traditions with contemporary scientific understanding of health and healing. It emphasizes self-healing and support for the healthy flow of energy in a person. It can be used in combination with other health care, or as a health support system on its own.


The founder, Donna Eden, has been working with clients and students for over 35 years and has developed a system that is simple, safe, natural and accessible. It can help to change one's perception of daily health care. 


A Practitioner uses an energy test to assess the flow and function of energies that most people cannot perceive with their senses. It is a vital tool to show what is going on with the body’s energies. 


An important aspect to Eden Energy Medicine is the Daily Energy Routine (DER). These are sets of exercises that can aid in maintaining a healthy energy level and are often given as homecare for the client.


Eden Energy Medicine is a vital development for activating our natural healing energies and abilities to heal ourselves. It is important to harmonize with nature and see energy as our vital and moving force to health and happiness. 

"The Universal life force runs through the entire body." 

"Eden Energy Medicine is a system that can help to maintain health and happiness in our lives!"