The Frank Mahony Method of Hypertonic Muscle Release is simple and yet one of the most powerful tools to release muscle tension, strengthen weak and painful muscles and increase flexibility and sports performance. He developed a method of detecting and correcting hypertonic muscles related to Sacrum, the posterior part of the pelvis and the Occiput, the lower part of the skull, resulting in a profound and often immediate effect on mental and physical performance.


Muscles that become “Hypertonic” through injury or over-use are responsible for a lot of imbalances that occur in the posture, nervous system, cerebro-spinal fluid flow and meridian energy flow.


In Hyperton-X we test for and correct imbalanced muscles. By clearing these hypertonic muscles, the person becomes more flexible and relaxed and is more able to use their body in an integrated way with improved power and flexibility.


Quote: Total body and mind integration for immediate effects on mental and physical performance

"A simple and powerful tool for working with imbalanced muscles"