Touch for Health

Touch For Health (TFH) is taken from various holistic traditions. It utilizes a combination of work with the posture as well as energetic balancing of the body, mind and emotions to help maintain health. It offers the possibility for each individual to take responsibility for their own health as well as that of family and friends. The emphasis on self-awareness and self-care helps people to be more alert about the quality of care they seek.


TFH allows people to become more aware of subtle symptoms that can affect the whole body. The focus is on balancing the entire system and not just focusing on the cause of the symptom. There is a certain link between muscles and certain organ systems as well as vascular and lymph systems and acupuncture meridians. A muscle test is used to indicate the flow of energy and balance within.


The TFH system uses safe and simple ways of assessing and helping emotional, intellectual, intuitive and spiritual aspects of the entire being as well as the sensory, physical, structural, postural and chemical aspects the human body.


TFH considers health as well-being – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially – that is integrated in the total person.

"Safe and Simple Method of Energetic Balancing to maintain Health and Well-Being"