Yoga is not just a sport to help you keep fit; it is a way of Life. It promotes better breathing techniques, a strong and more flexible body as well as a calmer and more relaxed mind.


Various techniques are combined to warm up the spine and allow the energy to flow more easily through the bones, joints, muscles and organs. Differentiation is used to accomodate the various ages and fitness and skill levels.


Meditation and breathing practices (pranayama) are utilized to help a flow into easy movements and stretches to activate and loosen the muscles and create more space in the joints. This allows the breath to expand and spread more easily throughout the body. 


A combination of other forms of movement and energy work are blended in this yoga. Qigong and energy medicine are methods to help align breath, move energy and create awareness for exercise, healing and meditation. They help to balance the natural energies in your body. Together you achieve a harmonious development of strength and extension on the one hand and flexibility and release on the other with a feeling of balance and awareness in your body, mind and spirit.


An  important factor is to know what you and your body can do and only do what you are able to. Listen to your body.  Everyone is unique and has a different body so do not let your ego take over and feel challenged by others. Each time the body integrates the work you have done and improves gradually. Patience is a Virtue! The breath is the most important and healing aspect of our lives. If we can learn to breathe properly we will always have enough energy to perform any task we want to do. 


Learn to use the breath to feel happy and healthy every day.



"Patience is a Virtue!"

"Let Yoga become a "Way of Life!"